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Kody Winn Brown (born January 17, 1969) is the patriarch of the Brown Family, featured on TLC's Sister Wives. He has one wife, Robyn Sullivan, eighteen children, and six grandchildren. Kody has three ex-wives; (Meri Barber, Janelle Schriever, and Christine Allred).

Early life

Kody Winn Brown was born on January 17, 1969 to William Winn ("Winn") Brown and Genielle Tew. His father was also a polygamist and had three wives. His father didn't become a polygamist until later in life. Kody has nine siblings, but it is not known which siblings came from which mother.

He was raised in a Mormon household and says his parents struggled with the dichotomy of the Mormon faith and plural marriage.


Kody and Meri

Kody first met Meri Barber in 1989 when one of his sisters introduced them. The two hit it off and Kody proposed on December 24, 1989, and Meri accepted. The couple was legally married on April 21, 1990.

They have one child, Leon (born Mariah). They were expecting a second child, but Meri suffered a miscarriage and was not able to get pregnant thereafter.

Kody and Meri were legally married until September 2014. Kody divorced Meri in order to legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn and adopt her children. Meri and Kody remain spiritually married. Meri and Kody announced the termination of their spiritual union in January 2023.

Mariah Leon

Kody and Janelle

Kody was introduced to Janelle Schriever by his first wife, Meri, and their friendship grew to a place where it was equal to Janelle's friendship with Meri. The two were spiritually married on January 20, 1993.

Kody and Janelle have six children: daughters Madison and Savanah; and sons Logan, Hunter, Robert Garrison, and Gabriel.

Their daughter Madison married Caleb Brush on June 4, 2016. They have one son, Axel James, and two daughters, Evangelynn Kodi and Josephine Lee.

Their son Logan married Michelle Petty on October 22, 2022.

Their son, Garrison passed away on March 5, 2024, from an apparent suicide. He was 25 years old.

Kody and Jannelle announced their spiritual separation in December 2022.


Kody and Christine

Kody was introduced to Christine Allred by her sister in 1990 After becoming close friends, Christine expressed her interest in Kody. He proposed to Christine on their first date on February 14, 1994. They were spiritually married on March 25, 1994.

They have six children, son Paedon and daughters Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel and Truely.

Kody and Christine announced their split on November 2, 2021.


Kody and Robyn

Kody met Robyn Sullivan, a divorced mother of three, at church in 2009. Robyn spent time getting to know the family while courting Kody. The two were spiritually married on May 22, 2010.

They have two children, son Solomon and daughter Ariella.

Kody was only spiritually married to Robyn until December 2014. He divorced his first wife Meri, to legally marry Robyn and adopt her children: son David Dayton (born David Preston), and daughters Aurora and Breanna.

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